How Can Counselling & Psychotherapy Help You?

“The positive always defeats the negative; courage overcomes fear, patience overcomes anger and irritability, love overcomes hatred”

What can I achieve?

Counselling is about, providing you with a chance to deal with these obstacles, and sacrifice what you are for what you can become. Counselling will offer you that opportunity, to explore the feelings and issues and ways to change self - belief to discover the right path. Sessions will focus on supporting you, without the use of advice and solutions and allow you to discover your true inner self.

What can I expect?

Counselling offers a way for us to reflect upon issues that we may have faced during our life journey. These issues may bring about feelings of anxiety, struggle and confusion, resulting in self – doubt.

As a member of the BACP, I hope that as a counsellor you will find me genuine, accepting and caring. I will attempt to accompany you on your journey of self – exploration, working at your pace and aim to bring clarity to the issues that arise. The environment that I provide will be safe, place of confidentiality and a non – judgmental approach.

"The more sand that has escaped from the hour glass of our life, the clearer we should see through it." Jean Paul.

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