Feedback from Clients

Client 1

"Bally gave me exercises and worked with me going through issues individually untangling things one by one. I think I needed someone to talk to and be able to let off a load of stress without being judged. At the same time I was able to step outside of myself and see how much I had changed. As time went by I made small changes, which included adopting a more positive thought process, breathing techniques and taking up things that I enjoyed but stopped doing like socialising with friends more, sports and yoga as an aid to relax my mind.

I found counselling helpful as it allowed me to express myself, built my confidence back, allowed me to say my deepest thoughts and worries and speak to someone in strict confidence. By doing this I found ways that I wanted to change my life, Bally supported me in doing this by making me take a deeper look at different aspects of my life and tackling issues one by one and settling targets and goals. I have also learnt it is vital to deal with things and not let them build up and to always take time out for myself." [Female, Age 29]

Client 2

"...You are a true professional - when my life overwhelmed me and did me in - you made everything right for me. Thank you for listening patiently. I really do sincerely appreciate all your time that you gave me - it will always mean a lot.I now hope that I will not fall apart and is ready to fly out of my cage". [Female. Age 40]

Client 3

"I have never been a person who forgets when someone has helped me. And I will never forget the help, vision and time you have given me, with much respect." [Male, Age 35]

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